Developing Players, Creating Leaders

To be the best on the court, one must be willing to out-train the competition.

Next Level customizes training routines to suit the specific needs of each athlete: focusing on position-specific basketball skills, plyometrics, and strength/conditioning.

Our vision is unique: founder—and former Wichita State basketball player—Jason Perez started Next Level with a philosophy of customized training for every athlete.

Our staff is superior: all our certified PDS’s (player development specialists) played at the college level or above. Our strength trainers are among the best in the Midwest and have experience working with professional athletes.

Our equipment is unmatched: with state-of-the-art Vertimax Training equipment, we help athletes achieve their maximum potential.

For athletes with the will to prepare, Next Level can be the launching pad to success on the court and leadership in life.

“The will to win is not nearly as important as the
will to prepare to win.” – Bobby Knight